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Pole & Acrobatics

Dayuma Sports & Studio Dayuma FAQ

There were some changes and big news in the first quarter of 2024!

At the beginning of 2024, renovation work took place on the same floor where Studio Dayuma is located.

The former gym was taken over, renovated and now offers Studio Dayuma members separate men's and women's changing rooms, including showers.

Some questions have arisen. We would like to quench your thirst for gossip with this FAQ :)

What is Dayuma Sports?

The gym is called Dayuma Sports and is located on Wolf 18 on the 2nd floor.

This is where the changing rooms and showers are located, which are accessible to Studio Dayuma members.

The training area can only be used by Dayuma Sports members.

What is Studio Dayuma?

Studio Dayuma is the Dayuma - Pole & Acrobatics GmbH. It is the studio with the mirror wall, the 7 poles, hoops and silks. Aerial acrobatics is practised here and the classes can only be booked with a subscription to Studio Dayuma.

Do Studio Dayuma and Dayuma Sports belong together?

No and yes. As we are partly the same owners of these two companies, yes. We share some of the premises. Nevertheless, they are two independent companies that cannot be visited with the same subscriptions.

Who is behind Studio Dayuma and who is behind Dayuma Sports?

Studio Dayuma was founded in 2022 by Anne-Catherine and Alessia and has been run ever since.

Dayuma Sports was taken over by Marc, Anne-Catherine and Alessia in 2024, renovated and has been run ever since.

The Dayuma Sports is run with the same concept as the previous owner:

  • 24/7 access

  • Limited number of members - so you can train in peace and quiet

  • Personal trainers can rent space for their coaching sessions


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