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Pole & Acrobatics


Alle Klassen dauern 75 Minuten

Except special classes or workshops

Pole Dance

Dynamische Combos und Pole Flow

 Floorwork und Akrobatik

Drops und Flips

Aerial Hoop

Dynamische Combos und Hoop Choreos

Simple Sitzpositionen und komplexe Tricks

Rolls und Splits 

Aerial Silk

Schwungvolle Übergänge und tänzerische Details

Simple und komplexe Knotentechnik

Hangs und Wraps 

Strength and Flex

Ganzkörper Warm Up

Kräftigen und Dehnen spezifischer Muskelgruppen

Verbessern diverser Splits, Backbends


Special Classes

✔Additional offers

✔ Guest teacher

✔ Inter and national athletes

✔ Training and further education

✔ Booking via Eversports or email

Regular classes

✔ Weekly hours

✔ Various levels

✔ Can be booked with membership and class tickets

✔ Booking via Eversports or email

✔ 20% student discount 

✔ 50% discount with Fitpass 

✔ Independent warm-up

✔ Independent training

✔ Coach always on site

✔ For  all disciplines

✔ Booking via Eversports or email

Open Practice

✔ Tailored training

✔ All disciplines

✔ Individual appointments

✔ 90 minutes

✔ Semi-private accommodation for up to 3 people

✔ Booking only via email


Additional offers and show requests via email

Kids & Teens

✔ Kids 8-12 years

✔ Teens 12-16 years

✔ Weekly hours

✔ All disciplines

✔ No hours during Basel school holidays

✔ Additional holiday workshops

✔ Booking via Eversports or email


✔ Try it out once

✔ No previous knowledge necessary

✔ All disciplines

✔ Sniffing possible at any time

✔ Booking via Eversports or email

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