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Pole & Acrobatics

W O R K S H O P mit Wes Marx

Aktualisiert: 2. Aug. 2023

The international known Poledancer @wesmarx will be at Studio Dayuma in July😍☀️. So happy to welcome you Wes!

💎Workshop 1: Exotic Elements - Tricks&Transitions💎

▪️Level: beginner 2/intermediate and higher

▪️No requirement needed

▪️ Equipment: Heels and Heelsprotector OR Socks, Shorts and Kneepads

▪️maximum 6 people

💎Workshop 2: Slinky - Heels Flow Choreo💎

▪️Level: intermediate and higher

▪️Requirement: experience dancing in heels

▪️Equipment: Heels, Heelsprotector and Kneepads

▪️maximum 6 people

💥Prize per Workshop: CHF 65.-

💥Prize for both Workshops: CHF 120.- (Get in touch with us to get the discount)

💥You can buy Kneepads, Heelsprotectors and Socks in our Studio💎


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